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Ann Lauren is an international celebrity, fashion and beauty expert, brand ambassador and editor-in-chief of Bella Petite Magazine. Lauren excels as a spokesmodel, influencer, host, producer, publisher and fashion designer.  Her sphere of influence in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and media is a transformative collaboration. Lauren's visionary creative efforts triggered a paradigm shift in the fashion and beauty industry. 

By age 16, Ann Lauren became a model and actress who launched a production company creating the first beauty pageants and fashion shows for women 5'6" and under. The USA Petite Model Show is the first and only nationally televised show aired live at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. She's produced over 500 events globally and new events are held yearly.

Today the Bella Petite Multimedia Complex is the industry leader for petite fashion, celebrities, models and pop media in the world.

Ann Lauren harnessed her beauty, vision, and knowledge to create the iconic petite women's fashion movement inspiring all of us to reach for the stars!

Lauren's way embedded a new code into fashion, entertainment and lifestyle media. She is the change agent decades ahead of the old status quo. Her successful productions, magazine, and model search synergistic fusion armed Lauren with an empowering message to cue fashion's change-up. That message resonates in the hearts of millions of women that triggered the petite fashion takeover. The old fashion standards are rewritten.

It is with sincere gratitude that Ann Lauren proudly presents the first On-Demand designer tech fashion house. The spark of creative innovation lies within our DNA.

Welcome to the new world order of fashion and beauty standards, ladies, congratulations we've done it!