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Ann Lauren ® inspired a transformative fashion ethos in beauty and fashion media and innovated the modern world of designer style, fit, form, and function in clothing. We are an iconic fashion brand accredited with disrupting, the exclusionary fashion industry standards status quo.

We understand fashion's forgotten womans' body type is petite-size and height, at 5'5" and shorter. The petite woman requires a fit model who is 5’3”, the average height of a woman.

Ann Lauren clothing size options for women 5'5" and shorter include; petite-fit, petite-curvy, petite plus-sized, and middle heights 5'6" to 5'8" and up to standard heights at 5'9" and taller. Our size chart starts at XXS and goes up to 3XL to accommodate all body types and all-heights.

Ann Lauren's clothing is smart-fashion. We are about fit, form, function, designer style, and premium quality sustainable organic fabrics featuring; customizable organic artwork designs, monograms, colors, and sizes, patterned to fit your body code.

We use body shaper technology and premium fabrics for all figure types to look amazing! You will love how you look and feel wearing our brand.

The Ann Lauren Athleisure Streetwear Collections are custom-made with 100% original artwork, organically infused colors, monograms, and premium quality fabrics.

The Ann Lauren designer monogram is the Minerva mark of our supernatural organic rhythm encapsulating love, abundance, and infinite possibilities through an awakened illuminated conscious connection to the universe. Welcoming, peace on earth for civilization to thrive on for a better tomorrow. 

"Live a purposeful life. Be an ambassador of light. Together we are one."

The fashion paradigm of generations to come transcends through our monogram of contemporary art, designer style, and technology, where fashions' evolution strives through Ann Lauren's ready-to-wear clothing all the time!